A cowgirl conversion at Allens Boots in Austin Texas

The minute I stepped foot in Texas something in my innermost being was filled with a strange desire: not for Texas BBQ, guns, or the belt buckles….it was the boots.  My closet was filled with a beautiful shoe “collection” but I had never specifically craved cowboy boots.  This all changed the minute I strode my red, boho-chic, “Swedish Hasbeens” clogs into Allens Boot Store in Austin Texas.  My cowgirl conversion was instantaneous.  Perhaps it was the plethora of alter-like rows of perfectly displayed boots and the thick aroma of tanned leather that greeted you at the door.  Or maybe my stiletto-loving heart skipped a beat for these farm-fabulous comfort creatures that were actually down right adorable.  Either way, I had no idea that these shoes would have me proselytizing: all women need the sole experience of the one and only true cowgirl boot.  God Bless Texas!

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and Cowboy Curated!


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