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High West Distillery & Saloon, good whiskey and times in Park City, Utah

In the picturesque mountain town of Park City, Utah, sits an unassuming structure where a new style of American Whiskey is being realized. High West Distillery finds its home at the base of the of the Park City Ski Resort and during the winter months may be the worlds only ski-in distillery. High West was founded by David Perkins in 2004 and is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of Prohibition. They are producing some of the most innovative and delicious New-American whiskeys and spirits ranging from Vodkas made from oats to whiskey blends featuring rye, bourbon, and scotch, and a barreled aged Manhattan (of which we are huge fans).  The Distillery’s self proclaimed Gastro-Saloon serves up refined comfort pub food featuring locally sourced ingredients. We were pleased to discover that the High West Distillery gives all their finished mash (which was used to make the whiskey) to a local farmer who feeds it to his dairy cows then, in turn, makes cheese for the saloon’s restaurant from the cows milk. High West will will satisfy the hardcore whiskey enthusiast and intrigue those new to whiskey. The high quality craft approach, which embodies the essence of the wild west, can easily be tasted in the spirits produced by the forward thinking yet traditional alchemist at High West Distillery.

The whiskey at High West is well crafted and quite enjoyable we love the them all especially the American Prairie Reserve, Campfire, 21 Year old Rocky Mountain Rye, and the 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan!

Well worth a visit or three, Cheers! Eat, Love, Live, Be Merry, and Drink Curated.

For more information on High West Distilleries fine whiskeys, spirits and history, see below (most of there whiskeys are available throughout the United States):

High West Distillery & Saloon


High West Distillery, 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan – A cocktail with style

It has been another long week-I thought Friday would never get here. It did. Let’s start this weekend in style with High West Distillery’s 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan. Being a huge fan of the The Traditional Manhattan, I was quite skeptical of this new spirit. There is no reason for skepticism as the barreled Manhattan is every bit as good, stylish, and classic as the original. To start, who would have thought that a distillery in Utah (of all places) was making excellent whiskey.  High West Distillery and Saloon was founded by Proprietor and distiller David Perkins in Old Town Park City. The 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan commemorates Utah’s role as the deciding vote to end Prohibition. Yes, that’s right, Utah!  High West has concocted a pre-Prohibition recipe of two parts rye whiskey to one part sweet vermouth and two dashes of bitters. It is then aged in an American white oak barrel for 90 days, allowing the flavors to integrate and develop before bottling. The end result is a smooth, sexy, spicy, herbal, well-balanced, timeless cocktail, rugged enough for a man, sexy enough for a woman. High West also captured the essence of this drink with it’s understated, custom packaging. The apothecary bottle with cork topper and classic motif exudes timeless old west attitude. My favorite way to enjoy is in a cocktail tumbler with a large ice cube.

This Curated Life - Highe West Distillery, 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and have a curated weekend!

High West Distillery’s 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan