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Cooking wth Cristina Brino at Finca Adalgisa – Modern Mendoza Barbecue

Amid the majestic Andes mountains lies the Finca Adalgisa Hotel, Vineyard, and Winery.  This gem is quietly situated in Chacras de Coria, a small village in the north province of Mendoza, Argentina.  As you will find with a simple google search, we are not the first to be enchanted by the magical Finca Adalgisa and it’s prized attraction: a cooking class with chef Christina Brino.  Hosted in an outdoor kitchen featuring a clay stove fueled by wood and fire, just adjacent to the the estate garden and vineyard, we embarked on a tasty journey with the charming Chef and her modern take on traditional Mendoza barbeque. Fresh, estate grown ingredients were featured throughout the night as we started from scratch making empanadas, garden fresh chimmichurri, fresh veggies, then ventured to grilling thick steaks on the open flame and finished with a caramelized fresh grilled fruit desert. The class was a casual blend of demonstration and hands on cooking techniques, accompanied by bountiful amounts of Finca Adalgisa’s opulent estate bottled wine(we really loved the malbec).  This beautiful evening of cooking, eating, and drinking fine food and wine was one of the most memorable events of our adventures in Argentina.

This Curated Life_Chile_Finca Adelgisa-200

This Curated Life_ Cooking with Cristina Brino_Finca Adalgisa_Mendoza, Argentina-77

Eat, Love, Drink Wine from Finca Adelgisa, and Live Curated!

More info on Finca Adelgisa

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Bar Agricole, Another San Francisco Treat

This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-4

In a metropolis of legendary food and drink, where quality is not only expected but easily found, Bar Agricole is one more gem to be enjoyed in the “City by the Bay”. This clean, modern, and warm space, with industrial accents, creates an  inviting environment that allows the food and drink shine. The vibe is friendly and laid back, but the cocktails and menu are nothing short of creative and sophisticated. Cocktails are constructed using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and we especially enjoyed Rum Agricole drinks. The menu, like one would expect in San Fran, changes daily and is littered with the best available ingredients from local farmers and artisans. If you are having a hard time justifying a visit to the amazing San Francisco food and drink scene, Bar Agricole is reason enough.

This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-22

This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-20

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This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-66

This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-64

This Curated Life_Bar Agricole-47

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Eat, Love, Drink, Be Merry, and Live Curated.

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Bar Agricole355 Eleventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

High West Distillery & Saloon, good whiskey and times in Park City, Utah

In the picturesque mountain town of Park City, Utah, sits an unassuming structure where a new style of American Whiskey is being realized. High West Distillery finds its home at the base of the of the Park City Ski Resort and during the winter months may be the worlds only ski-in distillery. High West was founded by David Perkins in 2004 and is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of Prohibition. They are producing some of the most innovative and delicious New-American whiskeys and spirits ranging from Vodkas made from oats to whiskey blends featuring rye, bourbon, and scotch, and a barreled aged Manhattan (of which we are huge fans).  The Distillery’s self proclaimed Gastro-Saloon serves up refined comfort pub food featuring locally sourced ingredients. We were pleased to discover that the High West Distillery gives all their finished mash (which was used to make the whiskey) to a local farmer who feeds it to his dairy cows then, in turn, makes cheese for the saloon’s restaurant from the cows milk. High West will will satisfy the hardcore whiskey enthusiast and intrigue those new to whiskey. The high quality craft approach, which embodies the essence of the wild west, can easily be tasted in the spirits produced by the forward thinking yet traditional alchemist at High West Distillery.

The whiskey at High West is well crafted and quite enjoyable we love the them all especially the American Prairie Reserve, Campfire, 21 Year old Rocky Mountain Rye, and the 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan!

Well worth a visit or three, Cheers! Eat, Love, Live, Be Merry, and Drink Curated.

For more information on High West Distilleries fine whiskeys, spirits and history, see below (most of there whiskeys are available throughout the United States):

High West Distillery & Saloon


Animal-Refined Wild Western cuisine in Los Angeles

If you love food you have most likely heard of animal. The minimally designed and decorated restaurant opened to great acclaim in 2008 by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. It has received constant accolades since its 2008 debut including praises from multiple prestigious publications as well as appearing on The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. We found animal to live up to all of its press and hype providing creative, unconventional, and wonderfully tasty cuisine. Not to mention that they have a great non-Califonia-centric wine list.  The menu reads like something out of a Louis L’Amour Wild West novel but with a refined and approachable sensibility. It is constantly changing and features many stars such as crab, barbequed octopus, rabbit, and bone marrow to name a few.  animal is a buzz with creative energy, great beverages, wonderful food and atmosphere. animal is out right fantastic, but in the famous words of LaVar Burton ” But you don’t have to take my word for it,” try it for yourself.

435 N. Fairfax Ave.Los Angeles, CA 9003
(323) 782-9225

Eat, Love, Drink, Be Merry, and Live Curated!


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Central Kitchen, San Francisco – Simply Amazing Cuisine

Recently arriving on the food scene in San Francisco is the newly minted Central Kitchen. Central Kitchen is another creation of the Ne Timeas restaurant group who created the fantastic and celebrated flour + water restaurant. Executive Chef Thomas McNaughton and team have joined the dialogue about what California cuisine actual means through using locally sourced, sustainable products to create a a continually evolving menu of craft, refined food. Central Kitchen is located in what may best be described as a comfortable and casual venue. With it’s simple New England-meets-Portland-meets-San Fran design, we found our seats in the indoor “patio” an ideal environment for eating, drinking, and being merry. Once comfortably seated, we were excited to glance through the tantalizing (and affordable) menu and well-curated wine list. The menu changes daily based on what is seasonal and locally available, and a chef’s tasting menu (and optional wine-pairing )is also available.  In end, Central Kitchen is fabulous and has simply amazing cuisine.

Padron peppers with fennel pollen & espelette.

Three cheeses, lavosh, fennel preserve, and walnut.

Pickled sardine with pole beans, crème fraîche and rye crumble.

Raw albacore, cherry tomatoes, squash and basil.

Hen with eggplant, hay roasted carrots, speck and egg yolk.

Roasted lamb with corn, stone fruit, and lobster mushroom.

Make sure and leave some room for desert (because they are epic)–a masterpiece from the former pastry chef–Jardinaire extraordinaire, Lisa Lu.

Beignets to die for.

On the left, our wonderful guide on this food and wine journey, Hillary. She is the best!

Eat, Drink, Love, Be Merry, and Live Curated!

 Central Kitchen
3000 20th St.
San Francisco CA 94110

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