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Cooking wth Cristina Brino at Finca Adalgisa – Modern Mendoza Barbecue

Amid the majestic Andes mountains lies the Finca Adalgisa Hotel, Vineyard, and Winery.  This gem is quietly situated in Chacras de Coria, a small village in the north province of Mendoza, Argentina.  As you will find with a simple google search, we are not the first to be enchanted by the magical Finca Adalgisa and it’s prized attraction: a cooking class with chef Christina Brino.  Hosted in an outdoor kitchen featuring a clay stove fueled by wood and fire, just adjacent to the the estate garden and vineyard, we embarked on a tasty journey with the charming Chef and her modern take on traditional Mendoza barbeque. Fresh, estate grown ingredients were featured throughout the night as we started from scratch making empanadas, garden fresh chimmichurri, fresh veggies, then ventured to grilling thick steaks on the open flame and finished with a caramelized fresh grilled fruit desert. The class was a casual blend of demonstration and hands on cooking techniques, accompanied by bountiful amounts of Finca Adalgisa’s opulent estate bottled wine(we really loved the malbec).  This beautiful evening of cooking, eating, and drinking fine food and wine was one of the most memorable events of our adventures in Argentina.

This Curated Life_Chile_Finca Adelgisa-200

This Curated Life_ Cooking with Cristina Brino_Finca Adalgisa_Mendoza, Argentina-77

Eat, Love, Drink Wine from Finca Adelgisa, and Live Curated!

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A cowgirl conversion at Allens Boots in Austin Texas

The minute I stepped foot in Texas something in my innermost being was filled with a strange desire: not for Texas BBQ, guns, or the belt buckles….it was the boots.  My closet was filled with a beautiful shoe “collection” but I had never specifically craved cowboy boots.  This all changed the minute I strode my red, boho-chic, “Swedish Hasbeens” clogs into Allens Boot Store in Austin Texas.  My cowgirl conversion was instantaneous.  Perhaps it was the plethora of alter-like rows of perfectly displayed boots and the thick aroma of tanned leather that greeted you at the door.  Or maybe my stiletto-loving heart skipped a beat for these farm-fabulous comfort creatures that were actually down right adorable.  Either way, I had no idea that these shoes would have me proselytizing: all women need the sole experience of the one and only true cowgirl boot.  God Bless Texas!

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and Cowboy Curated!

Graffiti – Fine Art of the Street, Buenos Aires

Stroll down any boulevard in Buenos Aires and you are immediately bombarded with monochromatic stencils to elaborate brightly colored murals. Graffiti is everywhere–not just scribbles or the typical tags but well designed imagery. The best way to familiarize yourself with the abundant and sometimes overwhelming street art of Buenos Aires is to take a tour offered through graffitimundo.  graffitimundo is an organization which celebrates and champions the urban street art of Buenos Aires as well as helping develop and promote these artists. They offer several different types of tours including walking, bicycling, private and group tours. During your tour through the streets, guides share a first person account of the history of the graffiti renaissance, after the dictatorship and its collapse, which took the city like a wildfire. The tour gives great insight into the meanings behind many of the artworks and also arranges studio visits with artist. During our tour we were able to visit the studio of artists Jaz and Ever, two of the cities rising stars. Our tour concluded at the local Art Gallery/Bar Hollywood in Cambodia, where, over beers, we chatted with artists whose work we had seen on the tour and browsed though a plethora of original artworks. You must not miss this tour, it was our favorite one in Buenos Aires!

work by Gualicho

Mural by JAZ

middle piece by Entes and Pesimo

random street tagging and art can be found throughout Buenos Aires

Work by NERF

ghostly work from CHU

Work by female artist Pum Pum


JAZ in studio he shares with EVER

Stencils from Cabaio

collaberation of multiple artist

collaboration wall at Hollywood in Cambodia Gallery/bar

a wall featuring multiple artist

originals artworks at Hollywood in Cambodia Gallery/bar

Interestingly, graffiti is overlooked by law enforcement and artists are never arrested as there are no anti-graffiti laws in the city. Many artists even paint their contact info or websites on their artwork so patrons can easily contact them.

mural by EVER

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and Explore Curated.

for additional information:
Hollywood in Cambodia

Frank Lloyd Wright Houses of the Los Angeles Hills

Many people that live in Los Angeles go about their days not knowing there are pieces of art looking upon them. Frank Lloyd Wright, or “the greatest American architect of all time” designed a couple of textile block/cement houses in the hills of LA. Here are a few that are accessible from the some of most visited points in Los Angeles.

 Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House is located in Barnsdall Art Park in the East Hollywood area of Los Angeles, CA at 4800. The park offers beautiful views of the hills and city and is free. The exterior of the house can be viewed from the park during daylight hours. The house offers tours but is currently under reconstruction.

See it on Google Maps

Ennis House

Possibly the most famous of the houses in the hills. It has been featured (or emulated) in a number of movie productions including Blade Runner, The Rocketeer, House on Haunted Hill, and Rush Hour. The house was purchased by Ron Burkle in 2011 and there is a stipulation in the sale that the house must be open to the public for viewing a minimum of 12 days per year (although no tour information is currently published on the Ennis House website…)

See it on Google Maps

Freeman House

This house is owned by USC. It is currently under repair from earthquake damage.

See it on Google Maps

Storer House

THIS IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, DO NO DISTURB!!! This property was built in 1923 for Dr. John Storer. In the 80’s it was renovated by movie producer Joel Silver. Moby commented on the house’s unique location on a recent interview with Arch Daily.

See it on Google Maps

These houses are iconic pieces of art hidden in the hills of the city. Open your eyes and search for them as you go about your day.

Aramburu Restaurant, a Foodie Adventure in Buenos Aires

On a quiet street in the working class neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires sits Aramburu Restaurant. It’s low key, graffittied, and bright pink facade hides all clues to the creative culinary landscape that resides inside. Once inside, the setting is warm and unpretentious. The space is open and looks upon a large window into the kitchen, or maybe better described as the science lab, where you can see several mad scientist/artisans at work fashioning a very imaginative and playful meal. Aramburu features a set 10 (or more) course meal with optional wine pairing (which we highly recommend) as it is an exquisite addition to this fun play on Argentine cuisine. If you are visiting Buenos Aires, Aramburu is an absolute must.

The lab-where the magic happens.

A selection of amuse bouches to start our meal.

Edible watercolors, painting your food is encouraged.

This dish was still smoking as it arrived at the table, it was divine.

Aramburu is truly foodie heaven and not to be missed if you find yourself in Buenos Aires.

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, and Eat Curated.

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