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Ursa Major – A Super Natural product for Men

A random graphic design blog led me to the discovery of Ursa Major.  I was intrigued by the brand’s simplistic modern design, leading me to further seek out the company. I was not only intrigued by the great graphic design and aesthetic of this brand but also about their philosophy of using true natural ingredients—no synthetic chemicals or known toxic ingredients—in efforts to produce sustainable skincare products of the highest quality possible.

The product quality and fantastic design led me to order all 4 products that Ursa Major had to offer for men: the Fantastic Face Wash (8 oz), Stellar Shave Cream (5.1 oz), 4-in-1 Essential Face Toner (8 oz) and Fortifying Face Balm (2.5 oz). These products are packed with delicious natural wood, botanical, and clean fragrances that stimulate your senses as they tingle, soothe and heal your skin. After using these products for the past few months I am happy to report that they are indeed Super Natural.

Fantastic Face Wash- smells of fresh cut wood and refreshing spearmint, it will leave your face tingling and calm

Stellar Shave Cream- smells like the forest after a summers rainfall, this cream is hearty, botanical, and  and strong enough to tame the thickest and densest beard leaving it calm and clean

no problem for this forest of a beard

4-in-1 Essential Face Toner- wow this stuff cleans soothes are refreshes after before during and after those long working days

Fortifying Face Balm hydrates and replenishes after those rugged shaves or anytime

Eat, Love, Drink, Be Merry, and Live Curated.

Ursa Major

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A cowgirl conversion at Allens Boots in Austin Texas

The minute I stepped foot in Texas something in my innermost being was filled with a strange desire: not for Texas BBQ, guns, or the belt buckles….it was the boots.  My closet was filled with a beautiful shoe “collection” but I had never specifically craved cowboy boots.  This all changed the minute I strode my red, boho-chic, “Swedish Hasbeens” clogs into Allens Boot Store in Austin Texas.  My cowgirl conversion was instantaneous.  Perhaps it was the plethora of alter-like rows of perfectly displayed boots and the thick aroma of tanned leather that greeted you at the door.  Or maybe my stiletto-loving heart skipped a beat for these farm-fabulous comfort creatures that were actually down right adorable.  Either way, I had no idea that these shoes would have me proselytizing: all women need the sole experience of the one and only true cowgirl boot.  God Bless Texas!

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and Cowboy Curated!

Elementos Argentinos—quality, artistic, and unique handmade treasures

The first thing that will catch your attention when you walk into Elementos Argentinos is rich, vibrant, COLOR. This modern boutique in the hip Palermo SOHO neighborhood of Buenos Aires, features hand woven textiles, rugs, blankets, and other accessories. All the items here are handmade by weavers and craftsmen from the northern provinces of Argentina using ancient weaving techniques, and each and every one of them is unique. Simply put—quality, artistic, and unique treasures abound at Elementos Argentinos.

Our bags were filled with all sorts of goodies from Elementos, yours should be too.

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and Shop Curated.

Elementos Argentinos
Gurruchaga 1881
Tel: (54-11) 4832-6299
Mondays to Saturdays from 11 AM to 7 PM

PESQUEIRA – Come Happy, Leave Edgy! Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires

While galavanting through the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo in Buenos Aires, we stumbled into PESQUIERA. The first thing that caught our attention was the design. This fashion boutique did not take itself too seriously but was modern, with a mix of sophistication, fun, and spontaneity. The space’s warm rustic elements and reclaimed fixtures provided the ideal setting for the playful, thoughtful, and spirited designs of Valeria Pesqueira. Featuring mostly designs for women, the Boutique is a delight for all, from the over-sized art on the walls to the stunning, but humorous, advertising campaigns that feature roosters and dogs alongside the models. The checkout counter at PESQUIERA says it all “come happy, leave edgy”!

Great place to keep your Wife or Ladyfriend Happy! Eat, Love, Drink, Be Merry, and Live Curated.

Come Happy, Leave Edgy  PESQUEIRA
Gurruchaga 1750, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

check out the PESQUEIRA blog

How I fell in Love with a Running Shoe

Under Armour Charge RC Running Shoes

I am a moderate runner who puts in anywhere from 6-15 miles per week. I have basically relied on Nike and Saucony as my staples for “runners” and was unaware of Under Armour.  Truth be told, when I first came across these shoes I wanted them based solely on look and design.  The Charge RC has a strong architectural quality.  Visually it is innovative, confident, charismatic, and youthful, without crossing over the fine line into juvenile and obnoxious.  Hoping they functioned as good as the looked, I watched a video on the design and new technologies that went into this new running shoe.

After watching the video, I could not wait to get my hands on a pair of the Under Armour Charge RC. Technologies that intrigued me were the UA HeatGear® (that wicks away sweat to keep your feet dry, cool, and ultra-comfortable), the Micro G® foam and a carbon fiber spring plate (to add a bounce in your step), and the 4D Foam™ sockliner which literally molds to your foot.  These were released back in October, 2011 and at my doorstep shortly thereafter.

The Under Armour Charge RC has delivered for my style of running in every way from its look, feel, and performance.  They are light, form fitting, and comfortable and have performed well for short and long runs.  Keep in mind I am no marathoner– rather an enthusiast whose main motivation for running, aside from the pure pleasure of it, is merely to eat, drink, and be merry.  You will find these on my feet during many runs to come. Grab your self a pair, hit the pavement, grass, dirt, or treadmill and Run Curated!


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