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Five Vivid Albums for a Picturesque Autumn

Autumn has recently bestowed its vibrance upon us blanketing the hillsides with rich, illuminating, and spirited colors. There is subtle hint of chill in the air and the sun’s soft light is now kissing the northern hemisphere. We recently took some time experiencing this awesome annual transformation from Mother Nature in the Hills of northern Utah. We found the following 5 albums to be the perfect accompaniment for this brilliant time of year, and hope you can enjoy these as much as we have.

Enjoy! We have selected a song from each of the 5 albums for your listening pleasure.

Grizzly Bear: Shields, song Sleeping Ute

Grizzly Bear

First Aid Kit: The Lions Roar, song Wolf

First Aid Kit

Band of Horses: Mirage rock, song, Knock Knock

Band of Horses

Tallest Man on Earth: There’s No Leaving Now, song Leading Me Now

Tallest Man on Earth

Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan, song, About to Die

Dirty Projectors

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, Breathe Fall, and Listen Curated.

The Stranglers-PEACHES, Summers Ultimate Anthem

Dust off the Barbecue, dig out the beach umbrella and chairs, lather up with the SPF 30, and start chilling those beers, Summer 2012 has officially arrived in North America. There is no better summer Anthem then PEACHES from The Stranglers 1977 classic album, Rattus Norvegicus. Turn up the stereo, start working that tan, grab your flip flops, shades, swim trunks/bikini, and let Summer reign.

Eat, Live, Drink, Love, Be Merry, and Summer Curated!

More on the Stranglers

Jam of the day – Longwave

I saw Longwave open up for Swervedriver a couple of years ago in Brooklyn, NY. Their album “Secrets are Sinister” was unknown at the time. I remember being dumbfounded by the quality of the new songs. Definitely a band you should go see next time they play your city.

Longwave – “Sirens in the Deep Sea”

Longwave – “Satellites”

Longwave Website


While dining with seven friends at Lambert’s in Austin, Texas, we discovered the band BOY. After dinner we wandered upstairs to check out the bar. To our surprise several local bands were being showcased, we decided to grab some drinks and stick around to check out the show. The first band soon took the stage and within a few moments they had the attention of the entire place. Wow!!! BOY was fantastic! Everyone in the place was soon crowding the stage and head-bobbing to their super catchy riffs. All seven friends, with seven different musical tastes, were mesmerized. Although several bands played, BOY literally stole the show. They have been stuck on our minds ever since.

There is not much info about these BOYs online. Rumor has it that they will soon be recording their first album. If you have the chance to catch BOY live, do not miss it, you will not be disappointed. We apologize for the blurry photos but we got caught up in the moment eating, loving, drinking, living, and being merry!

Thanks for the great evening BOY and Cheers!

More info on BOY here:

Boy website

Tune 1

Tune 2