Citadelle Gin For The Perfect Gin And Tonic

Gin and Tonic – a spirited, historic classic.
Known for its dominate juniper and botanical flavoring, gin has a long and quite precarious history. The Gin and Tonic is an invention credited to the British East India Company, who believed the drink would help to treat and prevent malaria. The anti-malarial quinine contained in the tonic water proved to be very bitter and gin was added to make the drink more palatable. As a result, this classic cocktail was born.
Tonight we will be making gin and tonics (or in some countries the “G and T”.) The perfect companion to the tonic water and lime is a French gin called Citadelle. This gin is infused with 19 spices from around the world. The aroma, very fragrant and botanical, hits the nose very well. Taste is complex and floral but not overtaken by juniper. This maker prides itself on bringing the best global ingredients to produce the finest product. It’s not a surprise this gin is usually top billed at competitions around the world.

Gin and Tonic Recipe:

  • Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Lime Wedge

citadell gin, gin and tonic, gnt, french gin

citadell gin, gin and tonic, gnt, french gin

citadell gin, gin and tonic, gnt, french gin

A perfect companion to a hot summer’s day or in my opinion… ANYTIME.

For more information on Citdelle – click here.


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