Valentine’s Day Cheers to you and yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your significant other. We like to take the low key approach to this Hallmark Holiday here at This Curated Life. We recommend you grab your love, a fantastic bottle of vino, and enjoy some time together. Tonight we have acquired a bottle of 2006 Dominus from Napa Valley, California, and what we call the BIG ASS GLASS (Riedel Glassware.) This Dominus is a new world Bordeaux style blend. Big and fruit forward, but also elegant, balanced, and quite a long soft finish.

2006 Dominus

2006 Domius

2006 dominus

2006 Dominus

Cheers. We hope you have a fantastic Valentines Day.
Dominus Wines:
Reidel Glassware (the big ass glass):

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