Graffiti – Fine Art of the Street, Buenos Aires

Stroll down any boulevard in Buenos Aires and you are immediately bombarded with monochromatic stencils to elaborate brightly colored murals. Graffiti is everywhere–not just scribbles or the typical tags but well designed imagery. The best way to familiarize yourself with the abundant and sometimes overwhelming street art of Buenos Aires is to take a tour offered through graffitimundo.  graffitimundo is an organization which celebrates and champions the urban street art of Buenos Aires as well as helping develop and promote these artists. They offer several different types of tours including walking, bicycling, private and group tours. During your tour through the streets, guides share a first person account of the history of the graffiti renaissance, after the dictatorship and its collapse, which took the city like a wildfire. The tour gives great insight into the meanings behind many of the artworks and also arranges studio visits with artist. During our tour we were able to visit the studio of artists Jaz and Ever, two of the cities rising stars. Our tour concluded at the local Art Gallery/Bar Hollywood in Cambodia, where, over beers, we chatted with artists whose work we had seen on the tour and browsed though a plethora of original artworks. You must not miss this tour, it was our favorite one in Buenos Aires!

work by Gualicho

Mural by JAZ

middle piece by Entes and Pesimo

random street tagging and art can be found throughout Buenos Aires

Work by NERF

ghostly work from CHU

Work by female artist Pum Pum


JAZ in studio he shares with EVER

Stencils from Cabaio

collaberation of multiple artist

collaboration wall at Hollywood in Cambodia Gallery/bar

a wall featuring multiple artist

originals artworks at Hollywood in Cambodia Gallery/bar

Interestingly, graffiti is overlooked by law enforcement and artists are never arrested as there are no anti-graffiti laws in the city. Many artists even paint their contact info or websites on their artwork so patrons can easily contact them.

mural by EVER

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for additional information:
Hollywood in Cambodia

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