Old Vine Cafe, Community Wine Dinner-Terlano Wines and Peter Neptune

Take one part amazing young chef, one part Master Sommelier, add some amazing Italian wine, garnish with an fantastic kitchen and wait staff, and you have yourself an Old Vine Cafe Community Wine Dinner. Old Vine Cafe, located in Orange County, California, is the five year old Restaurant of Chef Mark McDonald–a rising star of the southern California food scene. Old Vine is built around the idea of pairing great wine with great food to enhance and elevate both to a new level of flavor sensation.  Every few months Old Vine holds community wine dinner, the most recent featuring Master Sommelier Peter Neptune and Italian wines from Cantina Terlano. Chef McDonald and his staff concocted 7 creative Italian inspired courses with market fresh ingredients that were meticulously paired with the pristinely crafted wines from Terlano. Do you believe in Magic? We do after this magical evening of wine history, stories, and education, camaraderie with fellow winos and foodies, and of course phenomenal wine and food.

Master Sommelier, Peter Neptune explaining everything you ever wanted to know about Italian wine

Chef McDonald explaining one of the many wonderful wine and food pairings

First-wild baby arugula, dandelion greens, pea sprouts, granny smith apples, prosciutto, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction, paired with 2011 Terlano, Pinot Grigio

One of many amazing wines from Terlano

Second-chilean sea bass, toasted rye crumbs, pomegranate and buerre rouge paired with 2010 Terlano, Pinot Nero

close up of the chilean sea bass, toasted rye crumbs, pomegranate and buerre rouge paired with 2010 Terlano, Pinot Nero, quite a unique pairing of a red wine with a white fish, it was excellent

Third-salmon two ways: sashimi with meyer lemon vinaigrette and salmon rillette with wonton crisp and sunlower sprouts paired with 2009 Terlano ‘Vorberg’ Pinot Bianco

Peter explaining more interesting things about the Terlano wines

Fourth-kumquat infused beets, mung bean sprouts, marcona almond crusted feta cheese, and kumquat extra virgin oil paired with 2009 Terlano ‘Quarz” Sauvignon

Fifth-Stewed Hidden Valley Farms Rabbit with warm pickled cabbage and potato gnocchi paired with 2008 Terlano ‘Nova Domus” Riserva, Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Sauvignon

The Master giving us many more great insights into the wine

Sixth-slow roasted Australian lamb shank with bacon-potato pancake and lamb demi glace paired with 2008 Terlano ‘Gries’ Riserva Lagrein – Wow the Bacon Potato Pancake- speechless!

Seventh and Final-house made savory goat cheese and orange blossom ice cream with fresh goat cheese crostino paired with 2006 Terlano ‘lunare’ Gewurztraminer

To Chef McDonald and Staff, Peter Neptune, and all comrades Cheers to one Magical evening.

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, Live Curated and Visit Old Vine Cafe first chance you get!
For more information on Old Vine Cafe and Chef McDonald, Peter Neptune, and Cantina Terlano see below:
Old Vine Cafe
Peter Neptune
Cantina Terlano Wines

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