OLSEN: Scandinavian Modern Brunch in Buenos Aires

If you are not paying attention you might easily pass this gem by. Nestled behind the tall modern slatted fence, Olsen hides from the large, exuberant city. Entering is like stepping into a mid-century modern Scandinavian lodge, only nowhere close to Scandinavia. As you enter Olsen you are immediately transported from the hustle and bustle of the city to the calm and tranquil courtyard garden. The courtyard garden is quaint: a miniature forest of trees and ivy and a perfect escape from the intense mid-morning Buenos Aires sun. The food is an interpretation on traditional Scandinavian fare, approachable and simple. While the food is satisfying the real attraction of Olsen is the indoor/outdoor space that has been created. It is simply a place you can enjoy good drinks, food, and some great conversation with friends, in a hidden, comfortable modern space, in the vibrant city.

Yum! Eat, Love, Drink, Be Merry, and Live Curated.

Olsen, Gorriti 5870, Buenos Aires, 11/4776-7677

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