pxl. – Discover your inner design/abstract modern artist

pxl. is a hip, creative new iphone app, that allows you to create abstract, graphic designs fit for the walls of the Museum of Modern Art from your personal photos. pxl. is the brain child of Ranier Kohlberger, a Berlin based visual artist and designer. The app allows you to create 9 different unique styles, and has many options for customizing your new modern art abstractions.

Before pxl. – a dinosaur fossil in the natural history museum

After pxl. – a dinosaur fossil in the modern art museum

pxl. app icon

pxl. app interface

Dottie before pxl. app
Before pxl. – just a super cute dog

Dottie After pxl. app
After pxl. – a super cubist dog

Before pxl. – a photo of a fantastic graffiti mural

After pxl. – an intriguing modern design of a fantastic graffiti mural

Eat, Love, Drink, Live, Be Merry, and start channeling your Inner Modern Artist.

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Ranier Kohlberger

pxl. video

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